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I’d never really like birthdays. The numbers often reminded me of awful aging wrinkles. But this time around, I kinda like it. Wait, maybe I Love it. No plenty of presents, no long phone calls from the girl that I admired, no parties; only friends, friends and more beautiful friends and family. Who am I to ask for more?

Thank you guys!

For awful but sweet  Happy Birthday” song sung by you, for tens of SMSes, for the birthday-minutes countdown, for the not-so-surprising-upcoming-presents, the YM shoutouts and for the wishes and prayers. Thank You.

Be good, well, and safe, everybody. No matter you near or far, zillions of thanks to you!

Mom & Dad,

I know that you’ll always wish me late few hours later, but I don’t really care. I know how much I meant to you and you meant to me. The prayes and blessings from you are more than enough. My angels.

You’ve told me not to play and fool around too much. “Spend little time with girls because you’re simply still my little boy” you said.  I laughed my heart out.

Yes, I am and forever will be your little boy. Funny.


You have taught me to find who I really am; and that what a friend suppose to be. We often exchanging messages through YM, even distance is still not a boundary for us.  Just whatever, dude. You’re there with me when I needed you the most.  Thank you!

Let’s count the days till you’re home, once again. And we’ll talk about girls some more. It never ends, right? How beautiful Ukhuwwah is. Hope it will stay as it always be. InsyaAllah.


Dream. Dream. Dreams.

Who cares about the commonsensical of it? Dreams are free!! Though we never really speak face to face, thanks to YM, we conversed and laughed almost every night till 2 or 3 a.m. You laughed, laughed, laughed and laughed!

Humor can be humbling, no? Let’s us laugh ‘till our face hurts.

Ehem… When we’re gonna have a cuppa?

Acad + Chip + Jeng + Wanchai,

You guys are the most rare species of all, maybe at the brink of extinction.  Moja, we’re broke. We’ll just share to buy you ‘Eclipse’. Take it or leave it “. You guys rock!

Joy, oh Joy! Always the joys!

Tatie, Nad, Ella, Syud, Aimi, Tajul,

Thanks for the “Hey, orang tua” wish. It meant a lot. Hahaha! Thanks for inviting smiles on my face when Mr. Kieran’s face scattered all over my brain due the upcoming test this evening.


Noona, Ija, Wan, Fira, Nanie, Farah, Alina, Tiqah, Meera,  Eli, CekYam, Nurul, Kak Aisyah, Daniel Liew, Baran, Irma Ain, Wawa, Efa, Shamira, Liyana, Mary, Kinah, Shafreen, Mael, Yaty, Pirdaus, Niza and everybody!

Thanks, thanks, thanks! I Love you guys! :D



Indecentdescendant said...

happy birhday moja
happy 21st birthday

nur aimi said...

i posted an entry even b4 u did..

guess i was even more xcited about ur birthday and azri's..

hehehe :p

Ms. Irma said...

mine's was 5 days ago.
may Allah bless you always.

n oh ya,my bro stju membeli a box of twilight series as my besday present.
thnaks moja. hehehe. :)

Faidz said...

hey... Happy besday man...
wow... 21 already huh... juz a blink an eye since umo 18 kat matrix... beso dah ko... btw.. wish u all d best ... moga murah rezeki, umo dberkati...amin...

Aisyah Sinclair said...

happy birthday, moja! XD

hmm...now where can i find azri...

daniel said...

Happy Birthday Moja!

Tatie said...

moja memang tua!

Liyana said...

weihh aq wish ko sehari awl kot!!!hahah
dsr org tua pelupe!!!

moja said...


Thanks for the post! Hahaha..

moja said...



moja said...


Owh, Happy Belated Birthday to you too!
Hehehe. Welcome to Twilight!

moja said...


Hahaha!Ko pon same! Da 3 tahun weyh! Hahaha...

*jom ronda, jom!*

moja said...


ko pon TUA!

moja said...


Hey there!
Thanks, dude!

moja said...


Thanks! Xpe2, saya boleyh tolong sampaikan!

moja said...


eyh? Hahaha! Sorry2!

mrTAJ said...

oit... growing old is compulsory...

growing up is optional


mari jadik budak2 tua macam aku

yaty said...

epy besday
ak lg tua :P

moja said...


Taw xpe!

Bagus2! Mari kita tua bersam-sama!

moja said...




nashrah said...

wah happy bday my friend :D life's not abt us to mope and be sad. we shld enjoy it. laughter is definitely my best medicine :D haa i know what to buy u already. caramel frappuccino :D tunggu ajakan nye sajelah.. :))

moja said...


yeah, that's right!!
I thot a BMW? Hahaha!


wanie said...

happy 21st birthday moja :)
keep on writing good stuff!

moja said...


Thank Youuuus!

I will! I will!

wan_chai said...

ak nak tanya ko...ko jgn marah?
asal 2 posts ko ni (yg ni dgn satu lagi TQ tu),x ada mention kwn ko lagi sorg tuh..
ko gaduh ker?hahaha~~(curios??)

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