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Horror. Today’s ‘quick nap’ lasted longer than I expected. I had a dream about my blog. As corny as it may sound, I took a little time to think about my favourite blogs and how blogging has changed my life (God, this sounds so Oprah!). So here I am now, higgledy-piggledy typing about the truth about Blog according to me.

I’ve started blogging a year ago, when my visitors are those who were lost in blogosphere and hop into my blog by a twist of fate and no one even care what blog is (not till, the Government declared a war against bloggers, sort of). This blog that I called ‘home’ is where I vent my emotion; the good and the bad- and it’s indeed my best way to keep me sane when I was depressed. (Joker: Why so serious?).

After a year of blogging, I realized that (sometimes) I do inspired (few) people to start building their own ‘home’ but, I hurt a bunch of people too with my writings. Poor souls. And of course I LOVE writing gibberish entries that mysteriously commented by other fellow bloggers. Kudos to you! Writing (or typing) this blog is not a waste of time. It will help me (and maybe, you) to express myself and improve my sanity living in this perplexing world- ha, bloody, ha!

Had an absolutely brilliant idea whilst typing this! It’s a secret, by the way.

To all bloggers, keep on blogging (or lamenting, or complaining, or whatever) because blogging rocks! And better start praying from now on, so you won’t having such a ‘day-mare’ like I had. Ha ha ha (fiendish laugh, hands rubbing together).

Done the entry of today- that ought to cheer me up. Peace!


irma-ain ibrahim said...

adeh. smpai mimpi.
so now everyone knows that u really2 loved ur blog. ;)

moja said...

Blog ni umpama kekasih hatiku.

herneologist said...

apsal aku mention ok nama kau,

herneologist said...

nyah.aku mention ok nama kau,

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