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[I stand]

~ ~

I was floored by bitter words,

I was drenched in guilt and innocence

I heard every word

I have nothing to say

I believe not in the road you’re taking

Nor the words you’re talking

Because I believe in better place

I was covered with blood and mud

But I kept on walking

As the rain washes away my sins and filth

 I stumbled and I surely bleed

But, it doesn’t matter anyways.

I stand for the power to change;

I stand for the lonely and strange;

I stand for repenters and sinners;

I stand for me.



I stand,

So I shall walk again.




Liyana said...

ur new layout memeningkan kepala giler dowh!!!ish2..so NOT user friendly..hahaha

moja said...

Aehahaha... Yeah..kinda, but I really love its simplicity.. Hohoho..

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