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Okay. I've been anxiously waiting for Amir Muhammad's latest book; Yasmin Ahmad's Films. He posted an entry on his blog, calling for people to write sentences about any of Yasmin's films. May it be Rabun or Sepet, Mukhsin or Gubra, Muallaf or Talentime. And YES, I sent 2 sentences- profuse with hopefulness to be selected and printed.

These are my sentences;

Mukhsin: "Percintaan pertama itu adiktif bagai nikotin, indah bagai mimpi dan satu ilusi untuk semua manusia anuti."

Talentime: "A perfect chemistry. Sweet, soothing with just the right hint of mysticism. A subtly beautiful movie."

Cheesy, I know. But, I really hope one of these two will be included in the book. Why is this so important? Because I need some sense of accomplishment to keep myself going! :D


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