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1. I need to update my blog.

2. But, too many things happened few weeks back and heck, I can't really retrace them all.

3. I am going to be the Best Man for my best friend, Faidz. HA!

4. Oh. I was elected as the Vice President of SIFE.

5. Yes, that IS suicidal because I vowed myself to get in full-swing-mode for Ethos!. (yes, I'm the president)

6. I wonder why the so-called position is so important to others. I just can't get it. President or not. Vice president or not. It won't affect you much, you know. (If you were sincere enough to be in the organization)

7. I'm listening to Robyn's "Konichiwa Bitches". Perfect timing. How ironic.


sharman said...

well, the position matters if you're gila kuasa la... :P

shmlhzm said...

haha. congrats for the position!

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