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[the12thGeneralElection (pt.I)]

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Today is my Boleh-land 12th General Election, as a not-so patriotic citizen of this country, I went to 4 (yes, four!) election places around Shah Alam; Section 16, Section 17, Section 18 & Section 19 (maybe).

I woke up around 10 a.m (feeling sucks because initially planned to go for a jog!). Then, I decided to visit those election places around Shah Alam. So, I borrowed Chip's pink Cyber-shot and ride aimlessly on my black Honda bike (haha.). First, I went to the nearest voting centre, a high-school within walking distance from my condominium (ehem!). I started snapping picture crazily here and there. People was staring suspiciously at me. haha. I went to PAS booth, and they a group young women greet me. They were clad in proper baju-kurung, some with Jubah, and properly covered in hijab (with 'membangun bersama Islam's umbrella). But, not so many people were under that tent; maybe they have not so many supporters there or they already went home). In contrast, BN booth are pack with people, with makciks in blazing red attire that obviously symbolizes their undoubtful support to the present Government. I was given a pack of rice with chicken for lunch in white polystyrene (don't they realize that polystyrene is very harmful?). Since I have nothing in my stomach I just took it and say Thanks. (If only they'd known that I still can't vote).

I saw soooo many BN cars that carried in and out people to the voting center.

"Makcik, who are those people? Phantom voters?"I asked curiously with a grin to an auntie.

"No-lah, they are the legitimate residents around here that support BN but having problem to get here. So, we (BN) will fetch them from their home to ensure they still can cast a vote. Those cars, SUVs, 4X4s bleong to some of us that volunteered to fetch those voters" She sheepishly replied.

"Owh...".I continued eating my free lunch.

After finished my lunch, I said thanks and marched myself out to my bike.


Anonymous said...

not so patriotic ehh?? look on the mirror.. or just look at your wall behind ur fcking mac...hahaha... BN button?? wtf????

well BN lose here... so what do ya think will happen??? hahahhaa

Anonymous said...


well, that's not the end of the world. I won't give my country to the notorious DAP. By the next election, I'll be ready to hit politicsphere hard. For a better Malaysia. Not to give any space for those culprits that want to bring my country down.

Perjuangan Masih Belum Selesai!

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