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Time flies by. It’s hard to believe I’m on the edge of another good-bye in another chapter of my life. I won’t be able to see some faces that make me laugh, cry and angry throughout this year anymore.

Another chapter of my life is about to be opened.

I haven’t discovered yet my true colors and traits. But I’ve discovered few friends that helped me to this perplexing quest. At last, all of the enjoyment, loveliness, gaiety that I had for his year is about to end.

Everything is falling apart. Everything seems cold.


The pain will not be healed in a short time. It takes more than it should on me. Life is an abstract thingy. It just like a piece of paper. Your friends, experiences and eagerness will taint something on top of it. After abundance of miseries in my life, I finally found my place here, in UiTM Melaka. It ain’t a heaven to some, but it does to me. I found my angelic friends here (the demons still here, though), a place where I feel belong to, but everything is crumbling in my consciousness. Something inside me is crying but I won’t shed my tears. I won’t forfeit this game.

The baffling quest is taking its toll on me,and the clock is ticking…




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