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Friends come and gone; a natural flow of life. Cliques form and disband, just in a blink of eye. What should we feel; what should I feel? Maybe for some so- called homo sapiens out there, friends can be acquired anyway, anytime- even at the bus stop or any mamak stalls. Nevertheless, for me, a friend means more than just that. Maybe people think that I have such an annoying, sensitive Shakespearean hearts and I must confess and nod my head about that.

According to Mr Affendi (2006), there are three type of friends that revolve around you; permanent, recyclable and disposable (uh huh, see, I’m revising how to do the citation! Hurray!) A permanent friend is the hardest to find one. He can be describe as a pair of good, seasoned but yet comfortable jeans. You still craving for that particular pair of jeans albeit you have dozens of Levi’s in your wardrobe. Close friends are friends whom you do a lot of things together with, friends whom you see almost every other day.

However, due to I don’t really a staunch believer in friendship and so-called best-friend anymore. It has long gone into the drain. Now I try to understand friendship in a simpler form. It’s just a ‘seasonal’ relationship, which is I can break it off anytime I want. You know that for now, there would be this period of time where you would just not feel that hot about certain friend. For me, I almost finish my pre-degree year in a few weeks and I know those relationship that I have now are about to be untied and embedded in my head as another chapter in my medulla oblongata. It gonna hurts me the most, but I do cherish every moment we spent together.

Life is abstruse, as it may seem to me. I hope I will have a pair of jeans to wear in whatever season that may come.

As I said, it’s seasonal.


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