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I hate to say this, but sometimes I think that the politicians are the ones ruining and spoiling everything.

I was born in a darah-Keris family. Therefore, it's been in my blood since back then and both my joint family and nucleus family are the Keris supporter. I still remember when I was in primary school, I would hang the posters around the kampong and stayed up till midnight during General Election. I used to follow my dad here and there, a true Keris henchman, campaigning from house to house with the candidate and I found it very, very interesting because it felt good to watch my dad and his colleagues 'preaching' to the households. That's how I became a staunch Keris supporter too but still and all, I am not totally blinded by it.

Anyway, I am one of expanding 27 million Malaysians and totally bewildered by my homestate, Perak political circus. About 2 days ago, we saw an outrageous behaviour of how our so-called leaders in massive brawl; almost identical with the fight that broke in South Korean Parliament before. Politics is the art of the possible, but these people (politicians) are not fighting for the Rakyat anymore. It's all about gobbling and guzzling more projects, money and tenders. I am a rightist, but being a rightist didn't mean that we have to listen ONLY the rightists' dogmas; and vice versa. They have turned our Parliament and House into a bickering mamak stall where the can shout, accuse and downgrade themselves into a bunch of helpless monkeys fighting for more bananas. Are they really the best people to lead and represent us, the Rakyats? Heaven forbid that!

And to the Rakyats, stop being so obsess with those sugar-coated words from them politicians. I will never understand why people getting so psyched-up upon hearing those only-on-paper manifestos. Kudos to Anwar Ibrahim, he's a good example of a person with big mouth, good excuses, and sodomizing more promises; but lo and behold, the Rakyats with small brains still waiting for more excuses made from Nirvana. Wake up!

Sleepy Pak Lah or Pink-lipped Najib, Nik Aziz or Anwar Ibrahim; I don't fucking care.

I want my Malaysia back and no matter how thick the moola in your pocket; remember; we made you.

Update: Awesomeness. So taiko-lah our leaders!


Liyana Hanim said...

god,i wonder what izza has to say about this...huhuhu

it was sooo damn embarassing dude!!
watching it on the telly,i ws so embarassed but i'm not even a perakian..they're making a mockery of themselves & the king had to wait for 5 hours until he could come in????
if aq la..dh lame mengamok...huhu

btw,i've bake the red velvet cake& it was a success.:)

safwan said...

"we made you"

ni mesti lepas dgr lagu baru eminem kutuk jessica simpson.


disamping pink lipped najib, aku dgr barisan pembangkang memanggil beliau Najis.

pandangan anda?

Moja Amin said...


Yeah! I texted her right away on friday morning hari tu.

Agak laa.. Show some respect to the King laa at least, and to the Barisan people, cant they did it in a more, 'civilized' manner? and to all the politicians, can't they stop being monkeys in the House?

so stupid.
alaa.. xblayh rasa! cittt!

Moja Amin said...


alang2 si Eminem kutuk Sarah Palin ape sume, ak pon sibuk sekali laa!

Najib Najis?
Fuiyoh. That's harsh man!

Anwar 'Sodomiizer'?
Britney 'womanizer' kan?


safwan said...


kalo gitu lagu hit dia mesti

"If you seek Bukhari"


theroyalcrapster said...


omg. aku xtau dah mana nak letak muka ni kak jah oi!! malu, malu, malu! awat sampai lagu tuh!!!

apa naa oghang peghok ni?!? hang tak bg nasihat ka??


nway, aku rasa thp dewa nak gelak.
refer blogpost aku nanti :p

Wangi said...

chill mojaja :)

irma-ain ibrahim said...

mana mojaja?

sila update. ke sibuk ikut kes di perak? :D

qieynah said...

moja, aku suke entri ni...kesah sang gajah berebut pisang nan sebijik....pisang je pon....
orang kata, kalo tkut rumah masuk pncuri, pasangla security alarm, tp kalo tkut negeri dicuri??? itu baru negeri, kalo negara dicuri???

Moja Amin said...


If You Seek Bukhari. Cool.

Moja Amin said...



Moja Amin said...


Dok chill laa neyh.
(malas tengok berita dah)

Moja Amin said...


Moja tengah malas tuh.
Kes Perak? Malas pikir.

Moja Amin said...


Taw xpe!
bodoh mangkuk2 ayun nih!

sharman said...

oh well if ur ever short of entertainment, at least we know where to find it. the name-calling and "arguements/fights" makes the newspaper a lil bit more colourful, dont ya think?

Moja Amin said...


Yeah! But it ain't fun anymore seeing them roll the dice for our future generation!


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