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Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

My 'retail therapy' session is finally over, yesterday. Let's care not about the money spent, but the happiness counts. I think I am blessed with good friends around me, who never complaint of being drag here and there, and drive us around to get the best shopping complexes and movie cinemas to catch recently-released movies. Yes, it's you, Chip. Sometimes, I worry you'll collapse, though. Luckily, nothing happened. 

Mr. Guru, the fashion guru of all gurus, who complaint, laugh and a darn true gossip monger. A person who will say with confidence, 'yay' and 'nay' when you ask for a piece of mind over shirts and pants. And of course, a person who just can't stop whistling out Jonas' and Siti's tune. 


And to Noona, who gave me a new watch after almost 3 bloody years I live without anything on my wrist. Can't blame me for being a major procrastinator, for the last years. I often lose track of time, but not anymore. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. 

Books nourish my heart, brain and soul. Books are the most perfect presents for people like me, I will never, ever, say no. Thanks to my bestest buddy, Mr. Adif Faidz for three (geez) Kahlil Gibran's books. I love them books so much. Yay!

When you have new jeans, sling bag, John Mayer cd, FREE books AND watch, shoes, socks, burps and laughs, you just can't ask for more. And by that moment, you finally know, that the world is not always in black and white. 

Friends can take the pain away. and I bloody Love my friends. 

*Let 2009 re-unite old friendship and build-up new ones. Cheers.


Catch up again soon,


hafriz said...

John Mayer? Latest?

moja said...


John Mayer: Where the Light Is - Live in Los Angeles (2008)


nashrah said...

whoa. best. gile. ..(terdiam. xtau nk ckp ape dah)

moja said...


So did I.

irma ain said...

marilah kita berdating bln ini.
nk ur num la.
bru sng nk set date. ;)

moja said...


Leave your e-mail here lah.
Meh kite berdating hujung bulan nih. Ajak Ika IKEA skali.

afshad said...

aku a darn true gossip monger??
well look who's the buyer..
ko la..

moja said...


Tu terpaksa.


kamil said...

wei.. aq penat leh tahan gak r kene heret noonaa...hua3...

moja said...

Kamil (?),

Haaa. Baru taw kan!
xpe2 latihan untuk future wife.


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