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First, why PANIC?

1. Because on the way back to Shah Alam, we had a not-so-little accident on the highway. Yes. Accident. Since everyone was tired like hell, feeling sleepy is inevitable. Aimi was driving the car, and all the passengers (ekhwan, Acad and ME) were sleeping at the back like there's no tomorrow. Apparently she was sleepy too and scraaaaaaapppp... our car rubbing the middle divider of the highway. Alhamdulillah, she was fast enough to pull the car back on the right track. If not..

ps: Sorry, Aimi. We should've keep you awake, but we're not!

2. Nazri's car  (Yes, 4 cars went to PD) almost hit our car's bumper somewhere in Subang. Blame the global warming. The cars turn to be a mobile oven, I must say. Nightmare.

Second, PICNIC!

1. Who? 15 stressful but funny people. Tatie, Shud, Ella, Aimi, Nad, Moja, Acad, Tajul, Nazri, Ekwhan, Niza, Pie, Fifi, Pet, Shafiq. 

2. Here are the pics! More pics soon!




nur aimi said...

it's ok moja.. as the saying goes, accident happens..

omg, i had so much yesterday.. it's been years since i've been to the beach.. yesterday was just amazing and i wanna thank all of u for that..

i love you guys! :-)

moja said...


Thanks to you too!!

tatie said...

nnt kita pergi lagik ok?
n kali ni sume org kene minum coffee! :D

Solitary Ace said...

a little butterfly whispered to me that there's someone who was on the shore - not wanting to ride the banana boat..

seriously, why didnt you? and acad too..?

its fun, though you are saved from feeling any kind of weird unwanted soreness all over the body especially your legs..


moja said...


Have to go to Starbucks 1st!


moja said...

Solitary Ace,

WHere's the butterfly?
Let me crush it to death. Hahaha.
There's a big hole in our pockets. So better not, lah.

Yeah. I'm just kinda tired, no sorenes or whatsoever. Lucky me!

tatie said...

shame on u! shame on u!

Azie said...

u guys mustve had so much fun.
the weather is just super nice nowadays for picnics kan?

super nice for sunburns too. ;)

Hamz said...

hey tak ajak...

moja said...


Shame on me!
Ok, kopi jantan ah camtu!

moja said...


Laa hamz...sory2
ok2 lain kali, di pantai yang lain!


moja said...


Yes. Loads of fun, there.
and sunburns?
maybe lah. I don't really care anyways. Gelap already.

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