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When all hope is gone and the burdens are too heavy to be lifted, take off your shoes and walk on this field like we used to. Remember when the stars twinkle up above you, remember the serenity of lying on the grass and leave the world behind you. When there’s nothing else exist, but you.

The stars and you.

The stars and us, two.


Remember when the night was so cloudy, until none of them appeared? And you said, “It’s too dark, I see none!” Them stars came not into our sight, but I caught a glimpse of them in your eyes. They shone brighter than anything that twinkles in the skies. They did and they will always belong to you.

Remember when you were crying so hard and I failed to soothe you? The stars did better job than I do. We play confessions, we count the stars, and them stars resemble hopes, you said. And I believed it dearly.  Do you?

We are so different now. The vistas between us stretch for miles. But we are still the stargazers; the dreamers when the pitch nights envelope the skies. We are the fields’ warm intruders and the night’s storytellers. We will always be.

You are like them stars.

Please. Don’t wander off too far.




Anonymous said...


aku nk menginterpret ko nyer entry

1st. your ex wants you back but u dont want to go back

2nd. you are secretly in love with someone.. ahahaha (duh)


Anonymous said...

huish moja,

kate la ko da tak single...?

kesepian la aku nnt....aku sorg je single...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think you're heartbroken beyond words
Or is it a nice fiction ?
:) happy new year and selamat menyambut maal hijrah buddy

Anonymous said...

ohhhh this is super duper sweeeeet moja!!

stars in her eyes?? ohhhh.

the past, sometimes they seem so far away. but then again, perhaps its just to make us miss it so much after all this time.

good luck! ;)

Anonymous said...

sedih lagi :/ tp best :/ u wat org tension! :))

i think u need to watch a walk to remember. watch it and ull understand :)

Anonymous said...


I make people all stressed up ke? Hahaha. Why?
Take it as just a fiction. Hahaha!

Yeah, maybe I should. You've been promoting it several times already. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...


Ye ke? Thanks, tho.
Yeah, the past. So far away at times, but sometimes they do chain your feet and drag you down. Aite?


Anonymous said...


Do I?
Yikes. A fictional fable, maybe. You decide. Hahaha!

Happy New Year to you too! and Maal Hijrah!

Anonymous said...


Still single.
Kalo ak attached, ko akan jadi lebih hot, jejaka impian terakhir!


Anonymous said...


It's up to you, how to interprete it. I would Love people see this as a piece of allegory that you can connect. Nothing personal. Hehehe!


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