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Some space, meant not for you. Some space was left untouched since you slammed the door shut.  Forget about coming back, because you no longer my life and soul. Pretend not, my baby. We were blundering in the darkness before and second chance is a futile anticipation; the same mistake that about to commit once again. We just can’t live a lie.

The tenderness, the happiness, the laughter in the past is now locked in time. Some distinct spaces yet clear. Some space is all the spaces we can never return to.

It’s a new day. Let the ray of sunlight slice through our muddy mind and wash everything away.  Ignorance is not always a sigh of bliss, after all.



Anonymous said...

this is nice but sadly written :( but its still nice! hehe

Anonymous said...

agree with nashrah.

i feel the disappointment and sadness.
but as usual, a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


A masterpiece?
Nahhh... it's not. Hahaha
It's very nice of you to say that, tho. Hehehe.


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