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When all hope is gone and the burdens are too heavy to be lifted, take off your shoes and walk on this field like we used to. Remember when the stars twinkle up above you, remember the serenity of lying on the grass and leave the world behind you. When there’s nothing else exist, but you.

The stars and you.

The stars and us, two.


Remember when the night was so cloudy, until none of them appeared? And you said, “It’s too dark, I see none!” Them stars came not into our sight, but I caught a glimpse of them in your eyes. They shone brighter than anything that twinkles in the skies. They did and they will always belong to you.

Remember when you were crying so hard and I failed to soothe you? The stars did better job than I do. We play confessions, we count the stars, and them stars resemble hopes, you said. And I believed it dearly.  Do you?

We are so different now. The vistas between us stretch for miles. But we are still the stargazers; the dreamers when the pitch nights envelope the skies. We are the fields’ warm intruders and the night’s storytellers. We will always be.

You are like them stars.

Please. Don’t wander off too far.



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Some space, meant not for you. Some space was left untouched since you slammed the door shut.  Forget about coming back, because you no longer my life and soul. Pretend not, my baby. We were blundering in the darkness before and second chance is a futile anticipation; the same mistake that about to commit once again. We just can’t live a lie.

The tenderness, the happiness, the laughter in the past is now locked in time. Some distinct spaces yet clear. Some space is all the spaces we can never return to.

It’s a new day. Let the ray of sunlight slice through our muddy mind and wash everything away.  Ignorance is not always a sigh of bliss, after all.


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Because in the end, you don't choose Art. Art chooses you. .

[Wena Poon, author of Lions in Winter]


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December greets me, once again. Time flies, that what they said.

Another year is about to pass by. Leaving a trail of memories behind. So breathless whenever, wherever I see you, so wordless I became each time your simplicity haunts me. An almost lover? Nah, we were never that close. Sigh.

December meets me, again. It’s time to ponder upon what I’ve done, throughout the days, throughout the year. It’s time to forget anything, everything but you. I can't pretend. You painted Love all over me. Yes, you.

Another year is about to emerge from its deepest sleep. The sound and sight of a new day and year frightens me.  Getting old, but am I a wise man now? Or am I in no wise at all? Ah, me.

Another year is leaving. And as it goes by, I promised myself to tuck my God, family and friends deeper into me. This coming year, let it be no more chasing, no more fighting, no more shitty feelings. No. Nothing. . And I’m all psyched up for another year, another journey, and another different story.

It’s December, once again. The long walk throughout the year is quite tiring. Now, I put everything on hold and just do nothing, but thinking.  Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

p/s: I'm tired of shovelling tasty food here, in my home. Guilty.

Credits: Pagnolle via Flickr.com


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Tatie wrote us (my friends & me) the best post everrrrr!

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Thank You, Tatie!


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I want to be a pilot!

Diego Quemada-Diez's award-winning short profiles Omondi, a 12-year-old boy living in a Kenyan slum, one of 15 million sub-Saharan African children orphaned by poverty and AIDS.

Credits: Youtube & Sundance Channel


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Location: Kinokuniya & London Fish Tales, KLCC
Date: Thursday, December 5, 2008
Comrades: Aimi, Tajul, Moja Amin
Photos by Moja Amin & Aimi




For full reportVisit Aimi’s Kindly Unspoken, here


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Few hours ago, I went to Maybank to cash in some money to pay my rented house. As soon as I make my steps towards the bank, I was greeted by a kid, maybe around 9 to 12 years-old who was trying to sell religious books and CDs. He was clad in tucked-in red and white collar shirt, with a 'songkok' and a huge sling bag, I politely smiled and say 'no' and strode into the bank. In my head, wild thoughts started to pop-up, here and there. A lot of whys and wherefores emerged in my medulla oblongata.

After I cashed in the money, I took several minutes to observe the people who went out from the bank, and of course, the kid. He was busy trying to sell his books and CDs, and that's a good sign- he won't aware of my watchful eyes. His gloomy face vividly show tired he was and my main point in writing this is, please be considerate and sympathetic, people. I saw people being out-and-out insensitive, selfish and unsympathetic. The LEAST you can do is look into their eyes, and say thanks or smile-don't just walk away like he/she's not even worth your eyeballs to see or your voice to say thanks! Urgh.

I can't describe how shitty I felt because;

1. I am almost have it all, ( a family, friend, laptop, etc.) but I keep whining for more- How grateful I am.
2. Sometimes, I have extra money. And I wasted them all by buying unnecessary things and lavished myself with luxuries.
3. I was born under a lucky star, but hardly feel thankful for that.

And as I rode my motorcycle to Nazri and Tajul's home, I wonder why can't we nurture some sort of culture in Malaysia to give shelter to these unfortunate kids? A "Foster a Kid" campaign, maybe? Whomsoever you and me, will turn out to be in the future, I hope that we can always be grateful and be mindful of the unfortunate ones. I hope that God will always bring such thing to our mind, in the future, InsyaAllah. Quoted from, Mamma Mia!;

Money, money, money 
Must be funny 
In the rich man's world 
Money, money, money 
Always sunny 
In the rich man's world 

[Money,Money,Money by ABBA]


Owh. Darn you, MONEY!

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You HAVE to watch this!

The scared face: PRICELESS! 



[Phonography: IKEA+HibiscusGarden]

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Location: IKEA,Mutiara Damansara & Hibiscus Garden, KL
Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Comrades: Aimi, Tajul, Azri, Moja
Photos by Azri & Aimi





For full report: Visit Aimi's Kindly Unspoken, here

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... and this is the greatest present for you, this birthday:


Source: iTunes

[Phonography: Putrajaya]

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Location: Masjid Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: Saturday, November 29, 2008
Comrades: Aimi, Tajul, Nazri, Firhan, Moja
Photos by Moja Amin