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It’s been so long I didn’t post any on my blog. Even though too many remarkable things occur in my life of late, I can’t find my time to blog anymore. But, perhaps the bitterness conquers all. I will take the pain as another lesson for me this time as I watch everything crumbles. I don’t know why I took so long to see, to understand and to speak. It’s just because I love my friend too much, just too much and eventually I hurt myself by stepping out. It hurts but perhaps, that is the best way to do for this time being, I guess. It feels like I’m facing a harsh, brutal storm in my life. I can vividly feel its power, and the lighting too. I am scared of facing it.  I stop walking. I find myself a shelter. But, if the storm turns to be nasty, a shelter can always turn to be a trap. So, I decided to step out of my shelter. To face the storm bravely. My clothes get soaked, but I know that my bare skin is waterproof. Just like many other storms, it will always bring destruction, but with the rain, fall the wisdom of the heavens. And I believe that just like any storm, it will pass. The more violent the storm, the more quickly it will pass.

            I have, thank Allah, learned to face the storms.            I don’t wanna be like others that revolve around me. I won’t let my faith slips through my fingers just to love and be loved. World is just like seawater. The more you drink it, the thirstier you would be. Everything I do is for the cause of my God. So, I rather love myself instead of anyone else. I can dream my very own dream and achieve whatsoever things that I always wanted in this life.             Dear God; Thank you for not leaving me behind whenever I needed you the most. It’s over. 






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