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Lie to me, please.
Lie to me words I wanted to hear,
Lie to me, please,
And I'll feel alright.

There is a room for this feeling,
It's vacant,
It's blank,
It's pure.

Tell me.
Tell me more lies,
Whisper them like lullabies,
So tonight,
I'll be able to shut my eyes.

Lie to me, please.
Because the truth is to bitter for me to live with.

[0:06, 25102008]




mrTAJ said...

muka ko macam brad pitt dowh (berbisik ala yusuf taiyub)


nashrah said...

this is sad. jgnla sedih huhu :/

p.s: sgt pantas anda menulis poem lps drama :))

p.p.s: i loved ur drama! tp syg x dpt tgk kelembutan and kelentukan anda dance :))

moja said...


Hahaha.. That's not a lie.
It's a TRUTH!


moja said...


Hahaha. I felt like writing and before the ideas disappear, I have to jot it down. Even when I was on the stage, my bren is working on this.

Xpayah tgok pon xpe. It's a kayu-rated dance!

mrTAJ said...

thats not the truth...

its a wishful thinking...


Safwan penipu hebat said...

meh aku tipu ko:
Moja Hensem

moja said...


Tu kebenaran..
ko = tajul,
same jer!


moja said...


Ko ade masalah dalam menipu laa..


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